Elkhart Dining Days are back

A restaurant week created by restaurateurs and chefs for the local community

Elkhart, IN July 1, 2013:  Local Elkhart restaurants are preparing their featured menus for this year’s Elkhart Dining Days which will be a week long celebration October 4-12!!  This year’s goals are simple … 20 or more restaurants with featured menus priced as follows: lunch 2 meals for $18, dinner 2 meals for $25 and signature three course dinners priced at $25 per person.

Participating restaurants will again be partnering with Church Community Services to supplement their local food pantry by donating $2 from each featured meal sold during Elkhart Dining Days.

We are honored to announce that Lochmandy Savings Place will be the 2013 title sponsor of Elkhart Dining Days. The Lochmandy name is a leader in Elkhart when it comes to cars sales, but they also have a strong commitment to the vitality of the Elkhart community. The Lochmandy Saving Place is coined as “the biggest little dealer in Elkhart!” This speaks to their pledge of customer service and satisfaction, as well as, their superior inventory and process.

Information and Application forms have recently been sent out to local Elkhart restaurants in order to give restaurants time to begin preparing menus and organizing for the event.  Meetings will be announced shortly for those participating or wanting to learn more about the event.

In 2012, 18 restaurants located in the city of Elkhart served 1,944 meals over the 10 day period.  The restaurants generated $3,492.00 which was presented to Church Community Services. We hope to increase not only restaurant participation but also the money raised for the charity of choice this year.

Elkhart Dining Days is a special community event organized and created by local restaurant owners, and their chefs and management. Elkhart Dining Days is a celebration of local independent businesses and a way to say thanks to our community for keeping it local!

Elkhart Dining Days is announced and beginning restaurant signups!  For more information please contact the event coordinator, Michele Scherpenberg at 574-485-9885 or elkhartdiningdays@gmail.com.

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